After a Short Nap, Harlem Is Back

(The New York Times) For a time, Claudia Aguirre and Joel Feazell lived happily in a two-bedroom one-bath co-op on the Upper West Side with their two daughters. But as the children grew, the space became increasingly cramped. In particular, they needed another bathroom. They began to hunt for a larger apartment, which eventually led them north of 110th Street. There, they spent months researching condominiums, co-ops and, finally, brownstones.

Ms. Aguirre and Mr. Feazell, who is a managing director at BNY Mellon, have joined a long list of middle- and upper-middle-class New Yorkers who moved to Harlem over the years in search of space and relative affordability.

Joel Feazell and Claudia Aguirre paid $920,000 for their home-to-be on West 120th Street in Harlem. The couple are midway through a renovation. Credit: Julie Glassberg for The New York Times