Staten Island Property Puts a Nascar Failure Behind It

(New York Times) A windswept corner of the industrial northwest coast of Staten Island is infamous as a dumping ground for toxic waste, a home to Mafia-related crime and perhaps even more notoriously, the location for an ill-fated attempt to build New York City’s first Nascar racetrack.

Known as Bloomfield, at its center is a vast, 440-acre former oil tank farm where frequent spills caused untold damage to the fragile freshwater wetlands that surround it. Fenced off from the public, the GATX petroleum storage facility has lain fallow for years, its abandoned dock and warehouses now rusted hulks from the brackish water that flooded the site after Hurricane Sandy.

Though it is still years from completion, a project in Staten Island will become a marine port and a logistics center, with warehouses to store goods. Credit: Mary DiBiase Blaich for The New York Times