The Stars Inside the Building

(The New York Times) The real estate industry in New York City continues to produce pricey new condominiums, seemingly at the rate of tennis balls spit out of a ball launcher. This market revival has pushed the role of the boldface architect back into the spotlight, although that position may have to be shared this time around with interior designers.

With nearly every project under construction intended for the ultraluxury market, it is essentially impossible to develop a building without attaching the brand of a star architect, better known by the eye-rolling portmanteau “starchitect.” Tapping such a person to help sell a building started more than a decade ago, in 2000, when the architect Richard Meier designed the gleaming white towers on the West Side Highway in the West Village that drew buyers like Calvin Klein and Martha Stewart. That trend persisted until the financial crisis, when building projects stalled and many architects looked outside New York for work.