A Ranch With 1,000 Acres, for Your Inner Buckaroo

(The New York TimesMost New Yorkers would barely know what to do with 1,000 square feet of space, let alone 1,000 acres. But what’s to stop us from trying to figure it out.

Buying a ranch is the stuff of childhood cowboy fantasy — riding horseback past herds of bison or standing knee-deep in a rushing stream filled with trout. And while foreign investors and tech billionaires drive the New York market, in places like Colorado and Montana, it is cattle shortages and the price of grain that hold sway.

A short addendum and h/t to the WSJ...

There was a chart published recently comparing the value of Manhattan condominiums to hog futures and gold. Over the last decade, condos returned 6.5 percent, while hogs posted only a 5.3 percent return. Gold, meanwhile, returned almost 13 percent. It is a useful comparison. And maybe a ranch provides the ultimate investment trifecta: you can own a luxury property with a pigsty full of hogs. And while you’re at it, make sure it has a stream to pan for gold.